13:06:04 <ryanlerch> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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13:06:13 <ryanlerch> #topic roll call
13:06:29 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
13:06:30 <zodbot> ryanlerch: ryanlerch 'Ryan Lerch' <rlerch@redhat.com>
13:06:31 <shaily> .hello2
13:06:32 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on PR #502 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/502#comment-43044
13:06:33 <zodbot> shaily: shaily 'None' <shaily15297@yahoo.com>
13:07:03 <ryanlerch> #chair shaily mizmo abompard ryanlerch
13:07:03 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard mizmo ryanlerch shaily
13:07:06 <mizmo> .hello duffy
13:07:07 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
13:07:17 <abompard> .hello2
13:07:18 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
13:07:31 <ryanlerch> hiya shaily abompard mizmo !
13:07:44 <shaily> hii
13:09:56 <ryanlerch> #info bugs on the production roadmap (scroll to the bottom) -- https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/roadmap
13:10:23 <abompard> or https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/roadmap?status=Open&no_stones=&milestone=Production
13:10:36 <ryanlerch> abompard: much better!
13:10:39 <ryanlerch> thanks
13:10:49 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.assigned.added -- duffy assigned ticket fedora-hubs#437 to duffy https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/437
13:11:04 <ryanlerch> #topic MVP / 1.0 / Production issues
13:11:50 <ryanlerch> #info  Adapt the meetings widget to work on stream and team hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/489
13:12:04 <abompard> Oh shoot, I just saw your PR #513 ryanlerch
13:12:11 <ryanlerch> this one has a PR opened for it
13:12:17 <ryanlerch> abompard: :) all good!
13:12:30 <abompard> ryanlerch: I've been working on that issue too...
13:12:47 <ryanlerch> abompard: oh - yeah i thought there would be some overlap
13:12:56 <abompard> let's talk about that one later when we reach it
13:13:13 <abompard> sorry, topic is #489 now.
13:13:21 <ryanlerch> abompard: :) all good!
13:13:58 <ryanlerch> for #489, have PR#511 https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/511 opened for it
13:14:20 <ryanlerch> it basically just updates the calendar widget so it works on the streams page too
13:14:40 <ryanlerch> it shows upcoming meetings for all the hubs that you are a member of
13:14:45 <ryanlerch> in your stream
13:15:33 <abompard> cool
13:15:46 <abompard> thanks for the PR, I'll review it later today or tomorrow
13:16:03 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.comment.added -- ryanlerch commented on ticket fedora-hubs#478: "disable "preview" status for hubs for MVP" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/478#comment-489100
13:16:13 <ryanlerch> abompard: thanks!
13:16:19 <ryanlerch> next up
13:16:43 <ryanlerch> #info disable "preview" status for hubs for MVP https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/478
13:17:03 <ryanlerch> i also have a PR opened for this one #509
13:17:25 <ryanlerch> the patch was to bacically just remove this form the UI, so it cant be set for now
13:17:49 <ryanlerch> as agreed in the last meeting, we will revist this post 1.0
13:18:14 <abompard> nice and simple :-)
13:18:28 <ryanlerch> abompard: indeed :)
13:18:50 <ryanlerch> anyone else have any thoughts on this one?
13:19:24 <mizmo> nope sounds good
13:19:31 <ryanlerch> too easy!
13:19:35 <ryanlerch> next up...
13:19:48 <ryanlerch> #info When joining a hub, automatically subscribe the user to the hub https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/474
13:19:59 <ryanlerch> abompard: this one is assigned to you!
13:19:59 <fm-hubs> pagure.request.assigned.added -- None https://pagure.io
13:20:26 <abompard> ryanlerch: IIRC it's fixed by the FAS integration PR
13:20:53 <abompard> yes it is, I just checked
13:21:04 <ryanlerch> abompard: okies!
13:22:11 <abompard> next up? (actually, next down the list)
13:22:17 <ryanlerch> let's do the FAS one now
13:22:24 <abompard> OK!
13:22:26 <ryanlerch> just to keep things a little together
13:22:39 <abompard> So, obviously it's a big PR
13:22:43 <ryanlerch> #info  The user management for a hub is currently not linked to FAS   https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/389
13:23:00 <abompard> PR: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/510
13:23:14 <ryanlerch> abompard: yeah, i had a glance at it, but was really not sure how to test it, let alone review it
13:23:33 <abompard> it does what the issue and PR says. To test it, you can try out the new scripts
13:23:42 <ryanlerch> is there someone with more python skills than me that we could lean on to review?
13:24:09 <ryanlerch> it's a bit outta my league :P
13:24:10 <abompard> I have also created a dummy group in FAS and made changes to that group, spamming ryanlerch with email while at it
13:24:42 <mizmo> clement was doing some PR review on pagure, maybe he'd be willing to take a look at this?
13:24:43 * mizmo hazes
13:24:45 <abompard> the FAS group is called hubstest, ask me to add you in the owners if you want to play with it
13:25:03 <ryanlerch> once this one is approved, it is really the last beig piece before an alpha release / staging setup IMHO
13:25:17 <abompard> cverna isn't on this channel (yet ;-) )
13:26:02 <abompard> if you guys prefer, we can merge it and test on hubs-dev.fic.o
13:26:22 <ryanlerch> abompard: i am happy with that approach
13:26:25 <abompard> which I have rebuilt btw
13:26:39 <abompard> on nirik's request, to update the Fedora version to something supported
13:26:51 <ryanlerch> abompard++
13:27:53 <ryanlerch> anyone have any objections to abompard 's proposal?
13:28:22 <abompard> actually, I have an objection to my own proposal: to connect to FAS on stg, I'll need a fas username & password
13:28:31 <abompard> since I'm obviously not going to set my own in the config ;-)
13:28:44 <abompard> so I need to ask puiterwijk for one before we can test
13:29:03 <abompard> ( puiterwijk: I'll ask you via PM)
13:29:09 <ryanlerch> abompard: okies :)
13:29:11 <abompard> (I know you're lurking)
13:29:30 <abompard> but that doesn't prevent us from going the merge-first route
13:29:39 <abompard> it's just not going to be testable right away
13:29:41 <ryanlerch> we migt also have to update the dev docs to make sure people know how to set up FAS properly on local test instacnes with vagrant too
13:30:02 <abompard> ryanlerch: correct, I haven't updated the docs in that PR
13:30:14 <puiterwijk> hold on there.
13:30:21 <puiterwijk> I'll talk to you later, abompard.
13:30:43 * puiterwijk doesn't like what he read at first glance, but I'll read back some other time
13:31:05 <ryanlerch> okies happy to leave this one to abompard and puiterwijk to nut out
13:31:58 <ryanlerch> next issue?
13:32:42 <ryanlerch> #info Contact widget: check that the location isn't displayed if it is set to private in FAS https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/472
13:32:53 <ryanlerch> this one is currently unassigned
13:33:03 <abompard> yeah it's just about testing
13:33:14 <abompard> I don't think it'll crash, I'm almost sure we can close the issue
13:33:20 <abompard> but it's "almost"
13:33:32 <shaily> i'll check!
13:33:37 <abompard> thanks shaily!
13:33:54 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.assigned.added -- ryanlerch assigned ticket fedora-hubs#472 to shaily https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/472
13:34:04 <ryanlerch> shaily++
13:34:04 <zodbot> ryanlerch: Karma for shaily changed to 1 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
13:34:15 <ryanlerch> okies, next up
13:34:43 <ryanlerch> Hub Bio & Rules / Contact always at top of the page https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/462
13:35:09 <abompard> yeah, apparently we both have been working on it ryanlerch
13:35:19 <ryanlerch> abompard: yeah, i knew you were assigned to this one, but i had a quick crack at the bio part today
13:35:23 <abompard> OK
13:35:29 <abompard> I'll need your help on that one
13:35:51 <abompard> The bio part is OK, but I'm struggling to get the contact/rules box to go in the header
13:35:52 <ryanlerch> i marked my PR as WIP for that reason :)
13:36:09 <ryanlerch> abompard: with the overlap like in the mockup?
13:36:11 <abompard> yeah
13:36:22 <abompard> the overlap is what I can't get to
13:36:23 <ryanlerch> that is going to be difficult i think
13:37:03 <abompard> I was thinking of just bringing the whole column up with position relative, but that doesn't work well on smaller screen sizes
13:37:30 <abompard> and it's not very pretty because the number of admin buttons varies depending on your relationship to the hub
13:37:50 <ryanlerch> abompard: if you want to just get the logic in there, i can mess with the layour
13:38:04 <abompard> OK, then I'll push the PR and let you fix it :)
13:38:24 <ryanlerch> i have been meaning to mess with those buttons anyways to make them match the mockups better
13:38:45 <abompard> okay!
13:38:56 <ryanlerch> abompard: sounds like a plan
13:39:34 <ryanlerch> okies -- ready for the next issue?
13:39:39 <abompard> yeah
13:39:52 <ryanlerch> #info  Halp widget: do some CSS styling  https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/437
13:40:03 <ryanlerch> this one is currently unassigned too
13:40:24 <mizmo> that's on me, i grabbed it at the beginning of the meeting
13:40:26 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- ryanlerch commented on PR #513 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/513#comment-43047
13:40:27 <mizmo> going to work on it after this meeting
13:40:28 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.closed -- ryanlerch closed (without merging) pull request #513 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/513
13:40:57 * ryanlerch refreshes his roadmap tab
13:41:03 <ryanlerch> :)
13:41:16 <ryanlerch> mizmo: awesome! thanks!
13:42:26 <ryanlerch> mizmo: any comments on #437, or right to move on to the next one?
13:43:24 <mizmo> ryanlerch: no it's pretty straight forward, move on!
13:43:26 <mizmo> :)
13:43:28 <ryanlerch> #info Badges widget: implement categories https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/435
13:43:38 <ryanlerch> this one is sayan 's
13:44:16 <abompard> sayan's not around today apparently.
13:45:13 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- ryanlerch commented on PR #502 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/502#comment-43049
13:46:18 <ryanlerch> #info sayan, if you read the logs, please send an update on #435 to hubs-devel mailing list
13:46:18 <abompard> next?
13:46:55 <ryanlerch> #info #434 People widget https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/434
13:47:11 <ryanlerch> have a PR open for this one #502
13:47:27 <ryanlerch> that is almost finished review (i think)
13:47:38 <abompard> yeah almost :-)
13:47:41 <ryanlerch> :)
13:47:50 <abompard> I'm on it, will test and comment after the meeting
13:48:13 <ryanlerch> thanks abompard
13:48:21 <ryanlerch> okies, next is #390 Set a proper list of default widgets
13:48:33 <ryanlerch> but it is kinda a meta-bug
13:49:14 <ryanlerch> i have been going though making widgets only show on appropriate hub types
13:49:36 <ryanlerch> i need to finish that up, and then tweak the default widgets list
13:49:48 <ryanlerch> so not much to report on that one really
13:49:51 <abompard> Yeah the FAS integration PR touches that too
13:50:23 <ryanlerch> abompard: okies -- will update that one after FAS is merged
13:50:36 <ryanlerch> next up is
13:50:51 <ryanlerch> #info #33 Request New Meeting Feature https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/33
13:51:18 <ryanlerch> i started looking at this one, and it is turning out to be a lot harder than i thought
13:52:02 <ryanlerch> #info https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/SCZYJKXACJKGERE5C6IVKZ77VHPTT32X/
13:52:18 <ryanlerch> i emailed the hubs-devel list about it yesterday
13:52:27 <abompard> yeah haven't looked at it yet
13:53:38 <ryanlerch> mizmo: how important do you guage the request a new meeting feature for MVP?
13:53:53 <ryanlerch> s/guage/rate/
13:53:55 <mizmo> ryanlerch: oh i saw your email about it and have been thinking about it
13:54:19 <mizmo> ryanlerch: i think it would be ok to implement it without the notification piece as a first step
13:54:51 <mizmo> i dont understand the react vs flask style issue though
13:56:18 <mizmo> ryanlerch: but either case, as long as the meetings list is there, the request new meeting thing can be dropped for MVP. (maybe as a sub-in, a link to the team's cal on pagure could be a reasonable replcaement?)
13:57:33 <ryanlerch> mizmo that sounds something that could be done in the widget condig for sure
13:57:59 <ryanlerch> just to claify, what is the "teams cal on pagure"?
13:58:34 <ryanlerch> the calendars are all stored on fedocal, right?
13:59:24 <mizmo> eg for design team it's something like fedocal.fedoraproject.org/design-team or whatnot
13:59:36 <mizmo> er i meant fedocal and i typed pagure, i dont know wtf i was thinking sorry about that lol
13:59:53 <ryanlerch> mizmo: oh yeah, that is easily do-able
13:59:56 <mizmo> i kept reading it back as fedocal too, need more coffee
14:00:09 <ryanlerch> i will opena new bug for that
14:00:15 <ryanlerch> new issue
14:00:17 <ryanlerch> :)
14:00:34 <ryanlerch> and get that done this week after the other calendar one is merged
14:00:42 <ryanlerch> okies, one more to go!
14:01:05 <ryanlerch> #info #500 The JS source code should not be in the static folder
14:01:31 <ryanlerch> abompard: this is just a organiztion thing, right?
14:01:37 <abompard> absolutely
14:02:04 <abompard> trivial move of files. It's just that I don't want to disrupt people's workflow too much
14:02:26 <abompard> and it's a "better early than late" case
14:02:36 <ryanlerch> abompard: fair enoungh
14:03:17 <ryanlerch> we are a [pretty small group, i think if we ping the IRC cahnnel, and hit the mailing list when we merge this, it should be sufficient
14:03:28 <ryanlerch> just to give a heads up!
14:03:49 <abompard> yeah
14:03:50 <ryanlerch> whoops, we are a little over
14:04:26 <ryanlerch> #topic open floor
14:04:50 <ryanlerch> abompard: have you heard anything on the deployment front?
14:05:26 <abompard> ryanlerch: not really
14:05:46 <ryanlerch> once we have the FAS stuff merged, it might be a good point to do a "pre-release" alpha or something and try to get a proper staging server set up?
14:05:54 <abompard> agreed
14:06:10 <abompard> I think it's important to have a working up-to-date staging server before Devconf
14:06:19 <abompard> because we'll probably want to demo hubs there
14:06:42 <ryanlerch> abompard: will we need to request resources as per
14:06:44 <ryanlerch> https://docs.pagure.org/infra-docs/sysadmin-guide/sops/requestforresources.html
14:07:04 * ryanlerch is not much help on the deployment front sadly
14:07:21 <abompard> Ah, right, our current server is a dev server
14:07:47 <abompard> my bad, staging would require the same setup as prod, so we can't
14:07:54 <ryanlerch> abompard: and the staging server will likely not use our populate.py, right?
14:07:58 <abompard> but we'll need an up-to-date dev server then
14:08:04 <abompard> ryanlerch: yeah
14:08:51 <ryanlerch> abompard: okies, i did a bit of stuff in my (now closed) bio PR in populate.py
14:09:12 <abompard> yeah I'll pick up some things that I forgot in mine
14:09:44 <ryanlerch> but i can work on that a bit more, after you merge your Bio stuff, to try to make the dummy data seem a little more real
14:10:08 <abompard> ryanlerch: actually this will be synced from FAS in the end
14:10:10 <ryanlerch> we put a sticky widget in some group hubs that reads "i am a fedora user"
14:10:26 <abompard> oh you mean the content of populate.py? Yeah sure
14:10:43 <ryanlerch> yeah, for the dev server for devconf
14:10:59 <abompard> ah no my bad, the bio is not synced from FAS, just imported on creation, then hub owners can change it in hubs
14:11:01 <ryanlerch> not sure a staging server is doable before devconf, right?
14:11:19 <abompard> ryanlerch: I don't think so. But a working and stable dev server, yeah we can do that
14:11:28 <ryanlerch> abompard: awesome
14:12:04 <ryanlerch> should we opena request for resourses for hubs staging / prod soon though?
14:14:34 <ryanlerch> another item for open floor, we have shaily 's PR for the issues widget
14:14:42 <ryanlerch> #501
14:15:27 <shaily> yeah, i just made a PR accommodating changes that abompard suggested
14:15:35 <shaily> a commit*
14:16:07 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- shaily commented on PR #501 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/501#comment-43053
14:16:52 <ryanlerch> shaily: awesome!
14:17:21 <ryanlerch> i had a quick look at how it looks -- and it is awesome! top wokr!
14:17:59 <ryanlerch> abompard: mizmo: shaily: anything else for open floor?
14:18:06 <ryanlerch> or should i endmeeting?
14:18:21 * ryanlerch apologises for going overtime...
14:18:47 <ryanlerch> 5
14:18:57 <ryanlerch> 4
14:19:03 <ryanlerch> 3
14:19:08 <ryanlerch> 2
14:19:14 <ryanlerch> 1
14:19:22 <ryanlerch> #endmeeting