13:11:08 <abompard> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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13:11:19 <abompard> #topic Roll Call
13:11:25 <abompard> .hello2
13:11:25 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
13:11:36 <abompard> shaily, are you around?
13:12:40 <mizmo> .hello dufy
13:12:41 <zodbot> mizmo: Sorry, but you don't exist
13:12:47 <mizmo> grr
13:12:51 <mizmo> .hello duffy
13:12:53 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
13:13:35 <abompard> #chair duffy
13:13:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard duffy
13:13:56 <abompard> #chair ryanlerch
13:13:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard duffy ryanlerch
13:14:03 <abompard> because I know you're here :-)
13:14:25 <abompard> OK it seems to be the 3 of us
13:14:56 <abompard> There were no action items in the last meeting
13:15:05 <abompard> #topic Status Updates
13:15:27 <abompard> Who wants to start?
13:16:24 <abompard> OK I'll start. I've been working on reviewing existing Pull Requests and packaging Hubs in a way that would be acceptable to deploy on prod
13:16:30 <mizmo> i have one ticket, it/s a css thing, i haven't yet made progress bc of not being able to set up a devel instance locally yet and deadlines on another project
13:16:33 <mizmo> oops too slow
13:16:42 <abompard> Oh OK
13:16:48 <abompard> mizmo: is it the halp widget thing?
13:16:58 <mizmo> abompard: yep :(
13:17:13 * sayan is here
13:17:21 <sayan> sorry there was a power outage
13:17:24 <abompard> mizmo: OK, the vagrant setup should work now, whenever you can get back to it
13:17:27 <abompard> hey sayan!
13:17:29 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
13:17:30 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
13:17:32 <mizmo> ok great :)
13:17:33 <abompard> #chair sayan
13:17:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard duffy ryanlerch sayan
13:17:56 <abompard> Is it all mizmo?
13:19:10 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.new -- ryanlerch opened pull request #556 on fedora-hubs: show descriptions of widgets in the widget select https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/556
13:19:53 <abompard> OK, I suppose it is. Good luck with your other project(s)!
13:20:01 <mizmo> it is, sorry!
13:20:05 <abompard> np :)
13:20:34 <abompard> So, back to packaging: I now have an rpm for Hubs, I've updated the playbook and installed it on hubs-dev
13:20:43 <ryanlerch> abompard: yay!
13:20:46 <ryanlerch> awesome!
13:20:50 <sayan> abompard++
13:20:50 <zodbot> sayan: Karma for abompard changed to 2 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
13:21:00 <abompard> I've sent an email to the list and I hope that my method of packaging will be sufficient/approved
13:21:20 <ryanlerch> related to this too -- this is the RFR tincket in infra
13:21:22 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/6666
13:21:35 <shaily> hi, sorry i'm late!
13:21:38 <abompard> I'm investigating Docker right now when I have no PR to review, but I don't think it'll be ready soon
13:21:50 <abompard> Hi shaily!
13:21:54 <abompard> #chair shaily
13:21:54 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard duffy ryanlerch sayan shaily
13:22:10 <ryanlerch> abompard: what are the next steps in getting the stage set up?
13:22:40 <abompard> ryanlerch: I was wondering the same thing. I think we need the team to give us these resources
13:23:07 <abompard> In the meantime, I think we should focus on testing as much as possible the current state
13:23:41 <abompard> We've been coding without unit tests for a while now
13:23:45 <ryanlerch> pingou might be able to help is here too
13:23:46 <abompard> so I'm not very confident
13:24:11 <ryanlerch> deployment, not tests :)
13:24:28 <abompard> pingou is having some distractions around IIRC (ie: kid)
13:24:33 <ryanlerch> abompard: JS unit tests you mena?
13:25:00 <abompard> ryanlerch: no, the python unit tests. There's been a lot of new features written without associated tests
13:25:05 <ryanlerch> or just getting the coverage up for the existing unit tests
13:25:09 <abompard> the js tests are a whole another story
13:25:14 <shaily> i'll look into writing python tests for wherever they're missing
13:25:34 <abompard> thanks shaily! I'm particularily interested it widget's cached functions
13:25:46 <shaily> okay, so that's first
13:26:01 <abompard> because when there's an exception there we crash the worker and loose the message
13:26:03 <ryanlerch> hai pingou!
13:26:25 <abompard> and there's plenty of unexpected cases to have :)
13:26:32 <shaily> yes
13:26:52 <abompard> thanks
13:27:06 <shaily> about search, can you give me some pointers on how to decide between the different search engine libraries. some parameters that we would particularly prefer
13:27:11 <shaily> i have whoosh set up right now
13:27:17 <shaily> widget search too
13:27:23 <shaily> almost there ^
13:27:34 <abompard> shaily: to be honest, I haven't looked at your PR yet
13:27:38 <abompard> but I will
13:28:02 <shaily> okay, i tried to replicate the existing hubs search functionality using a search engine library
13:28:10 <shaily> once that's merged i'll start working on widget search using the same setup
13:28:33 <shaily> i have a decent idea already btw
13:28:50 <abompard> cool
13:29:06 <abompard> are you using a backend abstraction library?
13:29:27 <abompard> that would allow us to switch from whoosh to something else without too much hassle?
13:29:40 <abompard> (like haystack)
13:29:58 <abompard> I think that when we get the staging machine we should do a feature freeze and focus on testing.
13:30:13 <ryanlerch> abompard: agreed!
13:30:40 <abompard> OK this is a long status update, who's next?
13:30:46 <shaily> oh, not yet. i saw that haystack was only available for django. i think there must be something for pure python. i'll look into that
13:30:57 <ryanlerch> i'll go!
13:30:58 <abompard> thanks shaily
13:31:13 <ryanlerch> i have mostly been hacking on widgets
13:31:26 <ryanlerch> got the PR widget for team hubs done
13:31:33 <ryanlerch> the badges widget is done
13:31:42 <ryanlerch> there is a new mailing list widget
13:31:58 <ryanlerch> another new widget that shows the repos on a team up
13:32:00 <ryanlerch> hub
13:32:18 <abompard> is that new one for the MVP?
13:32:45 <ryanlerch> abompard: which new one?
13:32:47 <abompard> oh wait it's merged already :)
13:32:50 <abompard> the repo
13:32:59 <abompard> there's been so many that I forgot :-)
13:33:04 <abompard> good job ryanlerch!
13:33:04 <ryanlerch> sorry
13:33:10 <ryanlerch> i went a little nuts there
13:33:31 <abompard> :)
13:33:42 <abompard> ryanlerch++
13:34:31 <ryanlerch> also added the fedocal link to the meetings widget
13:35:50 <abompard> What's next for you ryanlerch?
13:36:55 <ryanlerch> just filed a quick PR for this
13:36:57 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/556
13:37:13 <ryanlerch> it was something that was kinda annoying me not having
13:37:42 <abompard> niiiice
13:37:46 <shaily> great idea!
13:37:53 <ryanlerch> other than that, i think i will do a bit of an ad-hoc review of the interface, files some bugs
13:37:57 <ryanlerch> so we can triage
13:37:59 <abompard> yeah
13:38:09 <ryanlerch> and get into wrting some tests too
13:38:37 <abompard> Someone mentionned at Devconf that the "My Stream" link on the left menu should be first and "My Hub" second
13:38:57 <abompard> because that's where you want to be most of the time
13:39:15 <abompard> (and that's where you land after logging in)
13:39:29 <abompard> just a detail, but I'm using this meeting to relay :)
13:39:32 <ryanlerch> abompard: can you file a quick issue for that?
13:39:36 <abompard> sure
13:39:39 <ryanlerch> just a oneline?
13:39:42 <ryanlerch> oneliner
13:39:47 <ryanlerch> otherwise i will forget
13:40:41 <abompard> could you please also check that the mobile view is correct?
13:41:01 <ryanlerch> abompard: yes, it's okay....
13:41:07 <ryanlerch> not great, but okay
13:41:09 <abompard> cool :)
13:41:28 <ryanlerch> it will take a lot of playing to get it right
13:41:57 <abompard> yeah, I wonder if we should put the right column below the main column
13:42:01 <abompard> anyway
13:42:19 <ryanlerch> yeah -- fine tuning that is a post 1.0 thing i think
13:42:42 <abompard> absolutely
13:43:05 <ryanlerch> thats it from me
13:43:16 <abompard> thanks!
13:43:33 <ryanlerch> thanks for reviwing my crazy widgets
13:44:43 <abompard> haha thanks for writing them ryanlerch  :)
13:45:29 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.new -- abompard opened a new ticket fedora-hubs#557: "The link to "My Stream" should be before the link to "My Hub"" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/557
13:45:53 <abompard> shaily, wanna do a status report?
13:46:59 <shaily> i was finalizing the issues widget in the past week and adding widget data to the whoosh index
13:47:26 <abompard> cool
13:47:29 <shaily> i couldn't find a backend abstraction library though
13:47:41 <shaily> i just looked again
13:47:47 <abompard> is django-haystack using something else under the hood?
13:47:54 <shaily> so should i start incorporating different backends in different branches
13:47:59 <shaily> 1 second
13:48:22 <shaily> okay i'll look
13:48:32 <shaily> but my guess is that its just using the python bindings for each search engine
13:48:52 <abompard> if not, do you feel like you'll be able to write such an abstraction layer, even a very basic one?
13:49:09 <shaily> i can definitely give it a shot
13:49:09 <abompard> (not a requirement, just a question)
13:49:12 <abompard> cool
13:49:38 <shaily> i'll use haystack's code for reference
13:49:41 <shaily> sounds fun
13:49:48 <abompard> good move :)
13:50:17 <abompard> a haystack-like library for Flask would help a lot of people I'm sure
13:50:20 <abompard> not only Hubs
13:50:28 <shaily> yes :)
13:51:00 <abompard> but be careful if it's too big a task
13:51:18 <shaily> okay, i'll spend a couple of days trying to see how haystack works and then report back
13:51:19 <abompard> it's worth trying but don't overcommit
13:51:24 <abompard> good
13:51:42 <abompard> thanks
13:52:12 <abompard> BTW, I'll say it again: please blog more :-) It doesn't have to be perfect.
13:52:48 <abompard> but it's been 2 weeks since the last one, so please try to write something this week or the next
13:52:58 <shaily> okay, i will
13:53:01 <abompard> thanks :)
13:53:28 <abompard> you'll make the outreachy folks happy :)
13:54:12 <abompard> (and other people reading your blog or the outreachy planet, including me)
13:54:29 <shaily> :)
13:54:38 <abompard> Anything else to add?
13:54:55 <shaily> btw would you know if there are any opportunities after outreachy for interns
13:55:28 <abompard> good question. I don't know, let's talk about this after the meeting
13:55:32 <shaily> okay
13:55:46 <shaily> that's all
13:55:55 <abompard> OK. sayan, do you have anything to report?
13:56:04 <abompard> if not we have 5 minutes of open floor
13:56:26 <abompard> #topic Open Floor
13:58:05 <abompard> OK, then meeting's over!
13:58:07 <abompard> #endmeeting