16:10:59 <nasirhm> #startmeeting Fedora i3 (2020-07-14)
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16:11:05 <nasirhm> #meetingname i3
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16:11:13 <nasirhm> #topic Agenda
16:11:21 <nasirhm> #info (1) Roll call / Introductions
16:11:25 <nasirhm> #info (2) Announcements
16:11:32 <nasirhm> (3) Progress updations
16:11:48 <nasirhm> #info (3) Progress Updations
16:11:57 <nasirhm> #info (4) UI Editor
16:12:05 <nasirhm> #info (5) Open floor
16:12:21 <nasirhm> #topic Roll call / Introductions
16:12:39 <nasirhm> .hello2
16:12:39 <zodbot> nasirhm: nasirhm 'Nasir Hussain' <nasirhussainm14@gmail.com>
16:13:07 <defolos> .hello2
16:13:08 <zodbot> defolos: defolos 'Dan Čermák' <dan.cermak@cgc-instruments.com>
16:13:20 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> .hello2
16:13:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <D​efolos> that only works on irc
16:13:42 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS the irc commands don't work from the Telegram Side,
16:13:44 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> ahh ok
16:14:02 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> so i need to do something here or i need to go to irc?
16:14:02 <nasirhm> you can type: .hello <fasid>
16:14:18 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> .hello <carlosrfs>
16:14:29 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS : For the discussions here you won't need to be on the IRC side :)
16:14:36 <nasirhm> .hello carlosrfs
16:14:37 <zodbot> nasirhm: carlosrfs 'Carlos Raimundo de Freitas Sotero' <carlosrfs99@gmail.com>
16:14:49 <nasirhm> ^ here @CarlosRFS :)
16:14:57 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> carlosrfs 'Carlos Raimundo de Freitas Sotero' <carlosrfs99@gmail.com>
16:15:16 <nasirhm> others here ?
16:16:07 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> in telegram seens to be just me
16:17:18 <defolos> x3mboy: ?
16:17:50 <nasirhm> #char defolos
16:17:53 <nasirhm> #chair defolos
16:17:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: defolos nasirhm
16:18:41 <nasirhm> Let's proceed with progress updations and let others catch up when they join. :)
16:18:55 <nasirhm> #topic Announcements
16:19:35 <nasirhm> We've got i3 on live with functional and stable packages
16:20:42 <defolos> nasirhm++
16:20:42 <zodbot> defolos: Karma for nasirhm changed to 10 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
16:20:44 <nasirhm> The draft for the change proposal is setup too, We're planning for F33 but we can let it slip for F34 as well: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/i3/SpinChangeProposal_Draft
16:21:16 <nasirhm> defolos: Thank You ^^
16:22:10 <nasirhm> So anyone else have got any announcements from Fedora World ?
16:22:24 <defolos> not really any updates from my side
16:22:43 <defolos> I'm digging a bit into the way openQA works in Fedora, but haven't made great progress so far
16:23:21 <nasirhm> Hmm, We would be needs some test cases for the Spin once we make it stable.
16:23:55 <nasirhm> * Hmm, We would be need some test cases for the Spin once we make it stable.
16:24:43 <defolos> yes, definitely
16:24:53 <nasirhm> #topic Progress Updations
16:25:02 <defolos> I really don't have the time to test stuff manually…
16:25:06 <defolos> so openqa is a must
16:25:43 <nasirhm> OpenQA is indeed a must, but still would require manual testing from us to ensure everything works in harmony
16:26:48 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> i can use in one of my machines to test
16:26:49 <nasirhm> #info On the i3 latest respin, we're facing a GTK race condition error which was reported by x3mboy and is faced by people with SOAS as well.
16:27:40 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS That would be really awesome, I test them on QEMU/KVM and the GTK error was faced on a Baremetal.
16:27:48 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> i work with Vulkan OpenCV and Qt, so the part of Graphics compute and kernel, xorg and graphics api drivers i can test.
16:27:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> i can try that to
16:29:20 <nasirhm> That would be a great help, When we create the kickstart we share it with Respins-Sig and Southern_Gentlem /kk4ewt  to build it in the respin.
16:29:49 <nasirhm> You can find them at GDrive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x70jhY5S18TB6lXPI7QYjDFuWelLm6ov
16:30:36 <nasirhm> In the latest respin, our Kickstart had i3 on live and you would have to open urxvt and type liveinst in order to start the anaconda installer.
16:31:17 <defolos> hm, that sounds like a desktop icon should be added or some other more user friendly way
16:31:23 <kk4ewt> .hello jbwillia
16:31:24 <zodbot> kk4ewt: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <vaioof@gmail.com>
16:31:26 <defolos> or does the live image boot into i3?
16:31:44 <nasirhm> Hey kk4ewt o/
16:31:50 <nasirhm> <defolos "or does the live image boot into"> The live image boots into i3
16:33:01 <nasirhm> <defolos "hm, that sounds like a desktop i"> Hmm, that was the case when we were using XFCE on live but wanted to go to a minimal i3. So the last pr was all about cleaning the XFCE thing and thanks for reviewing it and pointing the issues.
16:33:34 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> a botton in i3 bar to open the installer maybe?
16:33:54 <defolos> not in i3 bar itself, but we could add it to i3-nagbar
16:34:22 <defolos> or do it the ghetto-way: write the instructions to the desktop background 😛
16:34:25 <nasirhm> Hmm, Interesting. I was thinking to create a custom config for the live and add it in the ks but was thinking about the mod key, what default should we go for ?
16:34:40 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> alt
16:35:05 <kk4ewt> nasirhm; i think we leave it as is so people can set their own as it is now
16:35:05 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> but in firefox we use alt + number to change between tabs
16:35:41 <defolos> just run the wizard
16:35:48 <defolos> and folks can change it themselves
16:35:58 <nasirhm> Hmm, by creating a universal config on the live we would be able to have the liveinst on Workspace 2 or 1
16:37:59 <nasirhm> So people won't have to run liveinst on terminal but it sure does have a tradeoff here that if we go for WIN (I personally use it) and people prefer ALT for it ?
16:38:33 <kk4ewt> leave as is,is my vote
16:39:19 <nasirhm> Hmm, liveinst on terminal. We can add it with a short video or a gif on the docs on how to do it.
16:39:41 <nasirhm> What do others think defolos @CarlosRFS ?
16:40:33 <kk4ewt> pop up a doc on the desktop or wiki page
16:40:51 <defolos> <kk4ewt "pop up a doc on the desktop or w"> that's a good idea
16:41:15 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> should work
16:41:35 <kk4ewt> can put it on the spin page
16:41:38 <nasirhm> To pop up a doc on the desktop, I think it would still require one to modify the i3 config.
16:41:58 <defolos> <nasirhm "To pop up a doc on the desktop, "> yes
16:42:21 <nasirhm> <kk4ewt "can put it on the spin page"> That would be a great idea in our case as some people won't know about the $MOD key and read the main 3 bold lines on the docs.
16:43:32 <nasirhm> #action let `liveinst` be accessible by urxvt to install.
16:43:37 <kk4ewt> assume no one reads not even the topic in the channel
16:44:03 <kk4ewt> nasirhm;  that is one thing we havent tested
16:44:27 <kk4ewt> what happens if liveinst in run in a different terminal
16:44:28 <defolos> I'd still be in favor of just running the i3 setup once the live image starts
16:44:45 <kk4ewt> defolos;  it does
16:44:52 <kk4ewt> everytime
16:44:53 <nasirhm> <defolos "I'd still be in favor of just ru"> That's what we currently have are proceeding with.
16:45:05 <nasirhm> > <@defolos:matrix.org> I'd still be in favor of just running the i3 setup once the live image starts
16:45:06 <nasirhm> * That's what we currently have and are proceeding with.
16:45:10 <defolos> so why the discussion about mod?
16:45:43 <nasirhm> defolos: It was an idea from my side to ease the launch of liveinst without opening the terminal.
16:46:07 <x3mboy[m]> .hello2
16:46:08 <zodbot> x3mboy[m]: Sorry, but you don't exist
16:46:20 <x3mboy[m]> .hello x3mboy
16:46:21 <zodbot> x3mboy[m]: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
16:46:25 <kk4ewt> nasirhm; what other terminals are available
16:46:25 <x3mboy[m]> :D
16:46:27 <nasirhm> x3mboy: You nick on the matrix side has a [m] attached
16:46:43 <nasirhm> kk4ewt: Another way to launch it is to do by dmenu
16:46:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> we can put the live inst to start after the i3 mod menu
16:47:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> isnt something impossible
16:47:12 <nasirhm> that can be opened by $MOD+D and typing i3.
16:47:46 <nasirhm> * that can be opened by $MOD+D and typing liveinst*.
16:48:00 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> yeah i know
16:48:01 <nasirhm> <fedi3bridgerbot "<CarlosRFS> isnt something impos"> Hmm Interesting
16:48:35 <x3mboy[m]> !
16:48:37 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> to start automatically like in the original fedora with gnome
16:48:49 <x3mboy[m]> The race condition is caused by Intel RST
16:48:50 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> but after the user choose the mod key
16:48:57 <nasirhm> I think we can spend some time on finding a way to launch a program from the KS.
16:49:20 <kk4ewt> CarlosRFS it doesnt autostart in Workstation
16:49:57 <nasirhm> x3mboy: I think that would need some research as in the case of a DE it seems to work fine, Isn't it ?
16:50:22 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> the last time i boot a workstation iso it start automatially
16:51:19 <x3mboy[m]> Sure, but I will try to file a bugzilla if I can reproduce it in workstation
16:51:35 <x3mboy[m]> We have 2 spins affected, so probably is worth it
16:51:51 <kk4ewt> x3mboy[m];  i am already working on that
16:52:03 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS thanks for reminding it, I think launching a program is possible from the ks as it happens with WORK as well, it asks you to select either to use it for live or install.
16:52:09 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> but can be that i press the return key without see
16:52:26 <x3mboy[m]> <kk4ewt "x3mboy[m];  i am already working"> You're fast!
16:52:56 <x3mboy[m]> I have several questions about the current iso
16:52:57 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> you mean in the boot the user select it right?
16:53:18 <x3mboy[m]> We aren't shipping any browser, right?
16:53:22 <nasirhm> <x3mboy[m] "I have several questions about t"> How about having them on Open Floor ?
16:53:38 <x3mboy[m]> Sure
16:53:47 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> in the ks i remember to see the word firefox but just as suggestion i think
16:54:02 <nasirhm> #action kk4ewt filing the GTK error bug on Bugzilla
16:54:44 <nasirhm> #topic GUI Editor
16:54:49 <kk4ewt> x3mboy[m];  i am working with qa to get it  filed and fixed
16:54:55 <nasirhm> The most awaited topic of the day :D
16:55:31 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> okay was in the Ideas file
16:56:04 <x3mboy[m]> Proposals are: xed, gedit, leafpad, the other one that is called like leafpad but with numbers
16:56:08 <x3mboy[m]> Any other?
16:56:31 <nasirhm> I recall kk4ewt said pluma
16:57:15 <nasirhm> s/said/suggested/
16:57:25 <defolos> my opinion: use Fedora's default
16:57:44 <nasirhm> defolos: `ed` ?
16:57:55 <kk4ewt> ed isnt a gui editor
16:58:20 <defolos> nano
16:58:58 <nasirhm> defolos: nano runs on a terminal :D
16:59:27 <defolos> I don't see a problem in that
17:00:11 <x3mboy[m]> neovim
17:00:17 <x3mboy[m]> gvim
17:00:31 <kk4ewt> remember you need to make it for the noobie users to be able to use
17:00:38 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> ctrl + alt + c  X ctrl + c   -> battle of legends...
17:00:55 <kk4ewt> so gedit or some gui editor
17:00:57 <x3mboy[m]> 305 MB to have qutebrowser!!!!!!!!!! Holly sh$%&/(
17:00:57 <defolos> kk4ewt: i3 is hardly suitable for newbies
17:01:12 <kk4ewt> defolos;  yes it is
17:01:24 <x3mboy[m]> If we are going that way I will propose xed
17:01:26 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> Good idea
17:01:47 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> you really hate mouse right?
17:01:53 <x3mboy[m]> i3 is the twm for newbies, it doesn't require programming knowledge to configure it
17:02:20 <kk4ewt> i thought we had to have firefox becasue that is the fedora default but i may be confused
17:02:38 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> I like firefox too
17:02:40 * nasirhm doesn't have any suggestions on text editor but the candidate should be lightweight and shouldn't have many runtime dependencies
17:02:52 <nasirhm> kk4ewt: We can go for firefox
17:02:57 <kk4ewt> #info 20200721 is due date for the change to be filed
17:03:09 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> but i dont remember how many dependencies he have, and now firefox 80 have support to VA-API in Xorg too
17:03:11 <nasirhm> #chair kk4ewt
17:03:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: defolos kk4ewt nasirhm
17:03:21 <kk4ewt> #info 20200721 is due date for the change to be filed
17:03:30 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> so we will put VA-API packages in the iso too?
17:04:05 <kk4ewt> CarlosRFS if they are in the fedora repos
17:05:10 <nasirhm> So, Which GUI text editor are we going for
17:05:24 <kk4ewt> whatever one you put in
17:06:05 <kk4ewt> :)
17:06:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> if in 5 minutes we dont choose one i think notepad its the better choice.
17:07:59 <nasirhm> I agree with @CarlosRFS here :D
17:08:13 <nasirhm> let's have a quick vote as we're running out of time
17:08:54 * defolos votes for nano or pluma
17:09:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> GEDIT
17:09:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> EMACS
17:09:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> XED
17:09:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> NOTEPAD
17:09:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> PLUMA
17:09:07 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> JUST NANO
17:09:11 <kk4ewt> nano isnt a gui
17:09:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> choose one people
17:09:18 <kk4ewt> gedit
17:09:26 * defolos is fine with gedit
17:09:36 <kk4ewt> we dont need a editor that thinks its a desktop
17:09:54 * nasirhm is good with gedit and pluma
17:09:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> GEDIT 2 votes
17:09:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> EMACS
17:09:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> XED
17:09:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> NOTEPAD
17:09:59 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> PLUMA
17:10:00 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> JUST NANO
17:10:11 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> (edited) GEDIT 3 votes
17:10:11 * x3mboy[m] is good with pluma or xed, and against gedit
17:10:11 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> EMACS
17:10:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> XED
17:10:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> NOTEPAD
17:10:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> PLUMA 1 vote
17:10:12 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> JUST NANO
17:10:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> (edited) GEDIT 3 votes
17:10:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> EMACS
17:10:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> XED 1 vote
17:10:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> NOTEPAD
17:10:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> PLUMA 2 votes
17:10:37 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> JUST NANO
17:12:08 <nasirhm> Final Verdict. Pluma or Gedit ?
17:13:08 <defolos> python3 -c 'from random import choice; print(choice(["pluma", "gedit"]));'
17:13:08 <defolos> gedit
17:13:11 <defolos> gedit it is
17:13:14 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> Gedit its the better idea.
17:13:44 <nasirhm> gedit it is then :D
17:14:04 <nasirhm> Any objection on gedit ?
17:14:28 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> its build by the aliens that want to domain or planet
17:14:34 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> (edited) its build by the aliens that want to domain our planet
17:15:02 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> we really need more people in this meetings
17:16:03 <nasirhm> #action add gedit on the Brainstorm page and in the Spin's ks
17:16:14 <nasirhm> Would you like to do it @CarlosRFS ?
17:16:32 <kk4ewt> nasirhm;  need new ks this evening
17:16:38 <x3mboy[m]> Well, a package to be removed after installation for me
17:16:43 <x3mboy[m]> Not a problem
17:16:46 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> i am still not sure how to do that
17:17:03 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> why you dont love gedit?
17:17:38 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS you can fork the i3 repo, in the packages section add gedit or the package name and create the PR
17:18:36 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> ok
17:18:49 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> isnt that link right?
17:18:54 <fedi3bridgerbot> 'Untitled Image' uploaded by C​arlosRFS: https://i.imgur.com/fyiwnM8.jpg
17:19:09 <nasirhm> https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/
17:19:13 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> the repo in the pagure i already cloned
17:19:42 <nasirhm> Yeah, it's the same
17:20:00 <nasirhm> You would have to pull it again later today when our latest PR gets merged with i3 on live
17:20:42 <nasirhm> feel free to ping me on IRC if you've got any questions :)
17:20:47 <x3mboy[m]> firefox was already decided, because it's shipped by default by Fedora
17:20:47 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> packages session in that file?
17:21:09 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS Packages Section*
17:21:35 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> what file *
17:21:38 <nasirhm> Here's the latest PR: https://pagure.io/i3-sig/Fedora-i3-Spin/pull-request/5#request_diff :
17:22:14 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS how about having a quick chat on IRC after the meeting ?
17:22:43 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> okay...
17:22:48 <nasirhm> here* after the meeting.
17:23:06 <nasirhm> Hmm, so firefox is our browser by default
17:23:13 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> yes
17:23:18 <nasirhm> and it's open Floor  now
17:23:31 <nasirhm> #action add firefox in the ks if not available
17:23:40 <nasirhm> #topic Open Floor
17:24:14 <nasirhm> x3mboy: You had some questions regarding the spin, kindly share them here.
17:26:08 <nasirhm> #chait x3mboy
17:26:14 <nasirhm> #chair x3mboy
17:26:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: defolos kk4ewt nasirhm x3mboy
17:26:45 <x3mboy[m]> Yes
17:26:50 <x3mboy[m]> I know the iso is WIP
17:27:47 <x3mboy[m]> So, some decisions to be made
17:27:58 <x3mboy[m]> Configuration at start looks great to me
17:28:08 <x3mboy[m]> I read you were discussing it
17:28:29 <x3mboy[m]> I remember we decided Firefox, as I commented before
17:29:22 <x3mboy[m]> There is no graphical network manager
17:29:29 <x3mboy[m]> We commented nmapplet
17:30:07 <x3mboy[m]> We should cover this: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Template:Desktop_test_matrix#Release-blocking_desktops:x86.2F_x86_64
17:30:15 <x3mboy[m]> As minimum
17:30:24 <nasirhm> Hmm, nm-applet sounds like a good idea to me (personally. I'm more of a fan for nmcli :D)
17:30:54 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> Some people dont like to deal directly with NetworkManager
17:32:04 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS I agree.
17:32:45 <nasirhm> x3mboy: We've got package manager,  image viewer, text editor	covered from the link you shared
17:33:08 <x3mboy[m]> I'm using nmcli, but an indicator it's not bad
17:33:30 <nasirhm> add archive manager there, as we've got tar that can be used from cli
17:33:47 <x3mboy[m]> tar?
17:34:35 <nasirhm> and we don't need a file manager or do we, (Making an assumption here, If i use i3, I think i would know how to use basic commands like cd, cat, etc)
17:34:36 <x3mboy[m]> We're kind of based on xfce so the one that sounds like a radio station is good
17:34:48 <x3mboy[m]> I'm not going to push my choice of file manager here
17:35:06 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> ok firefox and gedit added to Brainstorm
17:35:10 <nasirhm> x3mboy: We'got no xfce apps on us now :)
17:35:53 <nasirhm> CarlosRFS thanks for adding.
17:36:04 <x3mboy[m]> What do you think about file manager?
17:36:22 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> its strange but i use dolphin
17:36:42 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> or did you want one for cli?
17:36:49 <x3mboy[m]> defolos, kk4ewt, CarlosRFS, nasirhm ?
17:37:06 <nasirhm> I personally think we don't need a file manager, if I use i3, I would know how to browse for files on cli
17:37:24 * defolos uses pcmanfm
17:37:29 <x3mboy[m]> Same on gedit, and we are still shipping it
17:37:33 <nasirhm> If we go for a CLI one, I use rover. It's foll.
17:37:42 <nasirhm> s/foll/FOSS/
17:37:55 <x3mboy[m]> We are already doing it with GTK, dolphin will pull a lot of qt libs that are heavy
17:38:06 <x3mboy[m]> I use vifm
17:38:20 <nasirhm> dolphin-- from my side.
17:38:31 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> yeah, 11 of then
17:38:48 <kk4ewt> make sure someone is working on the self change request which is due next tuesday  bye
17:38:53 <nasirhm> I can be a little biased here with rover, as I've that packaged that on COPR: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/nasirhm/rover/ :D
17:39:17 <nasirhm> kk4ewt: We've got the draft wiki setup which i and jwf are working on :)
17:39:29 <nasirhm> kk4ewt: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/i3/SpinChangeProposal_Draft
17:39:56 <x3mboy[m]> Ok, so options are: pcmanfm or dolphin?
17:40:15 <x3mboy[m]> Thanksfully nobody is asking about nautilus
17:40:41 <nasirhm> I'm a -1 for dolphin for the qt libs
17:40:54 <kk4ewt> caja
17:41:45 <nasirhm> Voting time:
17:41:45 <nasirhm> pcmanfm or caja ?
17:42:56 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> i added gedit in i3-extended, i should put above?
17:43:09 * nasirhm thinks we're out of time and I've to take care of some work tasks.
17:43:17 <x3mboy[m]> pcmanfm
17:43:32 <kk4ewt> both
17:43:36 <nasirhm> <fedi3bridgerbot "<CarlosRFS> i added gedit in i3-"> We can add the to minimal one.
17:44:09 <nasirhm> I don't have any experience with both of them, so no votes from my side :)
17:45:09 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> Firefox i put in the minimal one cause the life without a browser its sad
17:45:41 <nasirhm> @CarlosRFS can you kindly add gedit to i3-minimal as well ?
17:45:46 <fedi3bridgerbot> <C​arlosRFS> ok
17:47:05 <x3mboy[m]> So, we are good for now
17:47:08 <nasirhm> How about discussing about filemanagers and other mentioned cases on the test case wiki for workstation for the next meeting ?
17:47:08 <x3mboy[m]> You can close the meeting
17:47:15 <x3mboy[m]> Great advance
17:47:40 <x3mboy[m]> The HW detection is quite good
17:47:57 <x3mboy[m]> I never had to disable the pcspkr by myslef before
17:47:59 <x3mboy[m]> :D
17:48:17 <nasirhm> #action add a point about the Workstation testcases softwares on the next meeting's agenda
17:48:36 <nasirhm> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/i3/Brainstorm
17:48:37 <x3mboy[m]> Desktop testcases, not workstation
17:48:45 <x3mboy[m]> It applies to everyone
17:48:51 <nasirhm> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/i3/SpinChangeProposal_Draft
17:48:59 <nasirhm> <x3mboy[m] "It applies to everyone"> Gotcha
17:49:09 <nasirhm> #action add a point about the Desktop testcases softwares on the next meeting's agenda
17:49:18 <lupinix> .hello2
17:49:20 <zodbot> lupinix: lupinix 'Christian Dersch' <lupinix.fedora@gmail.com>
17:49:27 <nasirhm> Have a Good Day
17:49:33 <nasirhm> #endmeeting