18:03:57 <sayan> #startmeeting waartaa-devel
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18:05:15 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
18:05:16 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
18:05:48 <rtnpro> .fas rtnpro
18:05:48 <zodbot> rtnpro: rtnpro 'Ratnadeep Debnath' <rtnpro@gmail.com>
18:06:28 <rtnpro> sayan, would summarize what expectations are there from us (ircb) from fedora hubs?
18:08:02 <sayan> rtnpro: can you write on how hubs communicates with ircb in details?
18:08:11 <sayan> rtnpro: sorry I am in another meeting
18:08:22 <rtnpro> sayan, ok
18:09:01 <sayan> we are having infrastucture meeting also going on
18:09:06 <rtnpro> ircb is a standalone service, with an API, and different set of users
18:09:27 <sayan> rtnpro: it would be good if discuss in detail now, the meeting log would be a reference
18:09:45 <rtnpro> fedora-hubs signs up with ircb and is made an admin user
18:10:05 <rtnpro> Every ircb user gets an access token to access ircb API
18:10:16 <rtnpro> so, fedora-hubs also has one
18:10:28 <sayan> Ok
18:11:04 <rtnpro> fedora-hubs uses this access to create users, start/stop irc connection (as an admin), delete users, etc.
18:11:29 <rtnpro> this access token of fedora-hubs user won't be public
18:12:06 <rtnpro> whenever fedora-hubs user creates a new user, say user1, it will save the ircb access token for user1 in user1's hubs profile data
18:12:40 <rtnpro> this access token for user1 will be consumed on the client side widget for communicating with ircb backed
18:12:45 <rtnpro> backend*
18:12:59 <rtnpro> This is what I have so far
18:13:09 <rtnpro> fhackdroid, sayan, comments, thoughts?
18:13:25 <fhackdroid> .fas fhackdroid
18:13:27 <zodbot> fhackdroid: farhaan 'Farhaan Bukhsh' <farhaan.bukhsh@gmail.com>
18:14:43 <sayan> rtnpro: elaborate on consumed on the client side widget
18:15:02 <fhackdroid> rtnpro, i am getting the crude picture of how you are thinking to design it :) looks nice but I would love if you give a depth of it
18:15:47 <rtnpro> sayan, the client side irc widget will need to talk to the ircb backend, right? how will it access the ircb API? through user1's access token
18:16:36 <rtnpro> fhackdroid, what do you mean by depth? ;) Ask specifically, any question you might have
18:16:43 <sayan> rtnpro: so all the acces tokens are in the DB only
18:16:52 <sayan> and not public
18:17:04 <rtnpro> sayan, yes, they are in db
18:17:11 <sayan> rtnpro: cool
18:18:23 <sayan> rtnpro: how will the user know the access token?
18:18:41 <sayan> the user would be needing the access token to connect via other devices
18:19:19 <sayan> so after hubs creates the user account, the response would contain the user token?
18:19:31 <sayan> so that hubs can display the user with the user token
18:20:10 <rtnpro> sayan, we'll show the user the access token in his account settings, may be the irc settings page
18:20:36 <sayan> rtnpro: okay, and there would be a access token expiry?
18:20:52 <rtnpro> sayan, we can set it, but it's optional
18:20:52 <sayan> I would be for for access token expiry
18:21:03 <rtnpro> sayan, ok, fine
18:21:28 <sayan> rtnpro: okay, now the thing is the create user requires a password
18:21:39 <sayan> rtnpro: so we can remove that password field
18:21:51 <rtnpro> sayan, that's optional, even right now
18:22:02 <sayan> rtnpro: password is a required field
18:22:15 <sayan> iirc
18:26:48 <rtnpro> sayan, no, it's not
18:26:58 <rtnpro> sayan, but, I got your point
18:29:09 <sayan> rtnpro: anyway, that's an easy fix if it's needed
18:29:15 <rtnpro> sayan, yes
18:29:52 <sayan> btw, after the user is created fedora-hubs connects to ircb via WS API endpoints?
18:31:38 <rtnpro> sayan, yes, but WS API for all things would be an overkill
18:32:01 <rtnpro> sayan, it makes sense to use WS API for realtime communication and REST for others
18:33:33 <sayan> rtnpro: yes, from that I mean the chats
18:33:41 <sayan> sending the chatlogs
18:35:32 <sayan> non-realtime communication happens over REST
18:35:38 <rtnpro> yes
18:36:03 <sayan> wonders why the internet is lagging too much
18:36:07 <fhackdroid> i have a small doubt
18:36:14 <sayan> fhackdroid: shoot
18:36:22 <fhackdroid> since FAS has irc nicks
18:36:32 <sayan> fhackdroid: yes
18:37:01 <fhackdroid> and FAS verifies it if I remember correctly can we not use it to authenticate and get users nick and info
18:37:22 <sayan> fhackdroid: that's something hubs handles
18:37:33 <sayan> fhackdroid: the users we are talking of are ircb users
18:38:08 <sayan> ircb username != irc nick
18:38:19 <sayan> they are two different thing
18:38:32 <sayan> ircb user is your ircb account
18:39:15 <fhackdroid> ohh but if we make them same there will be less complexities I am just thinking
18:39:48 <sayan> fhackdroid: I might need a different username
18:40:00 <fhackdroid> why is that ?
18:40:22 <sayan> my irc nick is sayan, but I create username as yudocaa
18:40:41 <sayan> anyways, there will a requiest to create a ircb account
18:41:46 <sayan> rtnpro: so after the account is created, the user joins the channel
18:42:10 <sayan> and then fedora hubs should be connecting with a WS enpoint to recive and send messages
18:42:17 <rtnpro> sayan, no
18:42:22 <sayan> rtnpro: then?
18:42:46 <rtnpro> a network needs to be created for him, channels need to be added for that network, then he joins a channel
18:43:08 <rtnpro> sayan, these will all be taken care of in the backend
18:43:54 <sayan> rtnpro: yes, that's is handles automatically
18:44:04 <sayan> I compressed that thing :)
18:44:44 <sayan> rtnpro: there should be api endpoint as create and join
18:45:10 <sayan> so the we send {irc nick. username, email, network, channel} and the users joins
18:45:35 <rtnpro> sayan, yes
18:47:45 <sayan> rtnpro: now that the all the setup is done, then we need to connect hubs and ircb right?
18:47:54 <sayan> via WS endpoint
18:47:59 <rtnpro> sayan, yes
18:49:24 <sayan> rtnpro: websockets does full-duplex so we will have one endpoint?
18:51:06 <rtnpro> sayan, yes
18:53:21 <sayan> rtnpro: anything else?
18:53:33 <rtnpro> sayan, nothing for now
18:54:07 <sayan> rtnpro: so I'll write a blog on this and try to hit that
18:54:11 <rtnpro> sayan, I think we should start working on the hubs-ircb user auth/creation APIs
18:54:19 <sayan> rtnpro: yes
18:54:19 <rtnpro> sayan, cool
18:54:26 <rtnpro> fhackdroid, what about you?
18:54:29 <rtnpro> subho, ^^
18:54:31 <sayan> first authentication layer
18:54:55 <fhackdroid> rtnpro, vagrant images
18:55:18 <rtnpro> fhackdro-, vagrant images will be an overkill
18:55:30 <rtnpro> fhackdroid, docker compose file will be much simpler
18:55:38 <rtnpro> fhackdroid, I can do it in a day
18:55:41 <subho> rtnpro, didnt get time to look into it yet. :(
18:55:43 <sayan> rtnpro: all
18:55:50 <sayan> fhackdroid: you vagrant
18:55:58 <sayan> rtnpro: you docker compose
18:56:02 <rtnpro> subho, it's OK where you are right now and it's perfect
18:56:09 <sayan> subho: yes
18:56:11 <sayan> rtnpro: yes
18:56:22 <rtnpro> subho, you don't need to feel bad about it
18:56:45 <rtnpro> subho, feel free to pick up an area you want to work on, and we'll have plenty of tasks for you
18:57:22 <subho> rtnpro, okay. so last time i was able to set up ircb and was able to connect it with xchat.
18:58:45 <subho> rtnpro, but surely things must have changed by now. So i would like to start with smaller tasks.
18:59:45 <subho> rtnpro, is there a task list?
19:00:04 <sayan> subho: that's we are discussing
19:02:41 <sayan> rtnpro: fhackdroid: subho: any time for meeting?
19:03:10 <subho> sayan, pycon pune?
19:03:44 <sayan> nope regular meeting time
19:03:46 <rtnpro> sayan, we should have a ircb hackathon in Pycon Pune
19:03:51 <sayan> bi-weekly
19:05:14 <sayan> can we fix a bi-weekly meeting time?
19:05:41 <sayan> we can have 30 mins meeting
19:06:20 <sayan> Tuesday's 9:30 - 10:00
19:07:23 <sayan> rtnpro: fhackdroid: subho ^^
19:07:35 <rtnpro> sayan, +1
19:08:06 <subho> +1
19:08:11 <sayan> #agreed bi-weekly meeting tuesday 9:30-10:00
19:08:23 <sayan> Ending meeting then
19:08:26 <sayan> #endmeeting