#fedora-meeting-1: F28 Beta Readiness Meeting

Meeting started by jkurik at 19:00:05 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Roll Call (jkurik, 19:00:15)
  2. Purpose of this meeting (jkurik, 19:01:30)
    1. Before each public release all of the groups participating the development of Fedora's next release meet to make sure the release is well coordinated. (jkurik, 19:01:36)
    2. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Readiness_Meetings (jkurik, 19:01:40)

  3. Current status (jkurik, 19:01:52)
    1. Fedora 28 Beta is No-Go (jkurik, 19:01:58)
    2. The Beta release slips for one week to “Target #1” date (April 3rd). We are not going to slip the Final GA yet. (jkurik, 19:02:12)

  4. Design (jkurik, 19:02:54)
    1. wallpapers are ready. There are no other deliverables from the Design team. (jkurik, 19:04:37)
    2. ACTION: jkurik to check with mizmo offline there is nothing else which might block the release (jkurik, 19:05:00)

  5. Infrastructure (jkurik, 19:05:11)
    1. Infra is good and ready to go (jkurik, 19:05:56)

  6. Ambassadors (jkurik, 19:06:05)
    1. Ambassadors are ready. No know blocking issues for the F28 Beta release (jkurik, 19:07:14)

  7. Documentation (jkurik, 19:07:21)
    1. As there are no formal deliverables of the Doc team for Beta, there is no blocker for F28 Beta release from the Doc team. (jkurik, 19:09:05)
    2. HELP: The Doc team would like to ask for help: rework of the Release Notes package. This needs an experienced packager and someone who can figure out how to pull down all of a websites dependencies, not just the ones served from the docs.fp.o server. i.e. various javascript libraries. This may not be hard, but the Doc team is short of people-power. (jkurik, 19:09:37)
    3. HELP: Writers and Change Owners who will write about what is new/changed. (jkurik, 19:09:47)

  8. FESCo (jkurik, 19:10:09)
    1. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1537253 (nirik, 19:11:13)
    2. FESCo see the modularity change as possible blocker, however all seems to be in place now and ready for release. (jkurik, 19:11:50)
    3. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1537253 (jkurik, 19:12:01)
    4. from the FESCo perspective is the modularity change at least ready to test (jkurik, 19:12:42)

  9. Marketing (jkurik, 19:12:58)
    1. Marketing team has project-wide changes. The team is working on collecting the talking points, screenshots to be gathered soon. (jkurik, 19:15:11)
    2. The release announcenment still need works, but should be ready for the release (jkurik, 19:15:34)
    3. We could particularly use more exciting and in-depth talking points from the Editions (mattdm, 19:16:21)
    4. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_talking_points (mattdm, 19:16:27)

  10. Fedora Engineering/Infrastructure Manager (jkurik, 19:16:57)
    1. As the Infra team is ready, we are skipping the Engineering/Infrastructure Manager status update (jkurik, 19:18:42)

  11. Fedora Project Leader (jkurik, 19:18:50)
    1. FPL is ready for the release, except that there is nothing to release at the moment (jkurik, 19:20:44)
    2. FPL concerns are the talking points and docs stuff. (jkurik, 19:21:04)

  12. QA (jkurik, 19:21:53)
    1. QA is working on fixing blockers. Estimation for getting an RC is tomorrow (jkurik, 19:23:38)

  13. Release Engineering (jkurik, 19:23:48)
    1. Release Engineering is good to go except for the existing blockers and no RC (jkurik, 19:24:33)

  14. Websites (jkurik, 19:24:40)
    1. According to robyduck, websites are not yet ready, however these should be ready on time for the F28 Beta release (jkurik, 19:25:41)

  15. Translations (jkurik, 19:25:48)
    1. Things are more-or-less working as they usually do. The translation team does not currently see any issue which might possibly block the F28 Beta release. (jkurik, 19:26:21)

  16. CommOps (jkurik, 19:26:29)
  17. Open floor (jkurik, 19:27:53)

Meeting ended at 19:29:44 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. jkurik to check with mizmo offline there is nothing else which might block the release

Action items, by person

  1. jkurik
    1. jkurik to check with mizmo offline there is nothing else which might block the release

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  1. jkurik (86)
  2. zodbot (15)
  3. x3mboy (10)
  4. nirik (8)
  5. mattdm (8)
  6. adamw (5)
  7. mboddu (4)
  8. bt0 (3)
  9. puiterwijk (2)
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